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Performance Management

Course: Performance Management

Duration: 1 Day

Venue: In-House

Objectives and Benefits:

The most potent factor in achieving our overall objective is the development and maintenance of an open relationship between you and your employees. There is, nevertheless, a need to summarise this in a formal way, by ensuring that you discuss with your employees their job performance, in terms of:

  • What are the most important parts of their job?
  • Which parts of the job they have done well and why?
  • What can be done to build on their strengths?
  • What they have not done so well and why?
  • What action can be taken to overcome these shortcomings?
  • Achievement or non-achievement of their current objectives/targets.
  • Agreement on their future objectives/targets.
  • Define an action plan for the achievement of objectives/targets.

If appraisals are to be effective, staff must see the process attempting to meet their needs as well as the Organisations; otherwise the system will not work.

Benefits for the individual:

  • Gaining a better understanding of their role
  • Understanding more clearly how and where they fit in within the wider picture
  • A better understanding of how performance is assessed and monitored
  • Getting an insight into how their performance is perceived
  • Improving understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and developmental needs
  • Identifying ways in which they can improve performance
  • Providing an opportunity to discuss and clarify developmental and training needs
  • Understanding and agreeing their objectives for the next year.
  • An opportunity to discuss career direction and prospects.

Benefits to the line manager/supervisor/team leader:

  • Opportunities to hear and exchange views and opinions away from the normal pressure of work
  • An opportunity to identify any potential difficulties or weaknesses
  • An improved understanding of the resources available
  • An opportunity to plan for and set objectives for the next period
  • An opportunity to think about and clarify their own role
  • An opportunity to plan for achieving improved performance
  • An opportunity to plan for further delegation and coaching
  • An opportunity to motivate members of the team.

Benefits to the organisation:

  • A structured means of identifying and assessing potential
  • Up-to-date information regarding the expectations and aspirations of employees
  • Information on which to base decisions about promotions and motivation
  • An opportunity to review succession planning
  • Information about training needs which can act as a basis for developing training plans
  • Updating of employee records (achievements, new competencies etc)
  • Career counselling
  • Communication of information.

Participants: The course is specifically designed for team leaders and managers who are directly responsible for the formal appraisal and on-going performance management of staff.

Course Agenda:

  • Performance Management System:
  • Performance Management System introduction.
  • Benefits of an effective Performance Management System.
  • Requirements for establishing Performance Management System.
  • Alignment of individual SMART objectives with organisational objectives.
  • Appraisal:
  • Guidelines for manager/employee appraisal interview.
  • Communication skills.
  • Handling conflict.
  • Training development including self development coaching and meeting mentoring needs.
  • Appraisal interview practice.
  • Documenting and follow-up of appraisal.

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