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Excellence Through People

Course: Excellence Through People 1000:2012

Duration: The Programme is run over six months and is made up of 7 modules covering 4.5 Days training input

Venue: In-House

The Excellence Through People ETP 1000:2012 National Human Resource Management Scheme is a business improvement tool designed to further business performance through its people

Objectives of ETP Training:

At the end of the training period trainees from participating companies will be able to:

  • Demonstrate complete understanding of all sections of the ETP process.
  • Understand the gaps in the participating business's policies, procedures and practices in relation to requirements of ETP Scheme.
  • Complete action plan outlining goals necessary for the company to achieve ETP certification.
  • Enable company complete mock audit and ETP application.

Benefits of implementing ETP:

  • Improves financial performance, increases profitability and helps businesses achieve their strategic mission
  • Assists businesses who are undergoing significant and rapid change particularly in the current recessionary times
  • Studies have shown that the adoption by organisations of ETP are more likely to achieve business goals and meet their strategic objectives
  • Excellence Through People embeds a strong change culture and provides a useful framework for businesses undergoing significant and rapid change
  • Using the ETP framework businesses believe that increased productivity can be achieved
  • Adoption of ETP helps raise employee skill levels
  • Provides a framework for continuous improvement and employee engagement
  • Improves staff retention and recruitment
  • Structured approach to improve the effectiveness of:
  1. Communication
  2. Learning and Development
  3. Leadership and People Management
  4. Continuous Improvement
  5. Business Planning

Participants: Senior Management / Managers responsible for Implementation of Human Resource Management System and Continuous Improvement Programme

Course Agenda:

Module No. Module Title Duration (six months)
1 Overview of Excellence Through People 1000:2012 Day
2 Business Planning and Continuous Improvement / Effective Communication and People Management 1 Day
3 Leadership and people Management Day
4 Planning of Learning and Development Day
5 Evaluation of Learning and Development Day
6 Human Resource Systems and Employee Wellbeing Day
7 Mock Assessment / Excellence Through People 1 Day

Course Fee: Fees supplied on request - Contact Us

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