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Performance Measurement

"When you can measure what you are speaking about and express it in numbers, you know something about it."
- Kelvin

"You cannot manage what you cannot measure."
- Anon


Performance Measurement system provides a comprehensive view of how an organisation is performing. Historically organisations have always measured performance in some way through the financial performance.

The challenge for organisations today is how to match and align Performance Measures with:

  • Business Strategy
  • Structure and Corporate culture
  • The type and number of measures to use
  • The balance between the merits and cost of introducing measures
  • Deploying of results of measures and ensuring they are acted upon.


  • Performance Measurements provide a barometer of an organisations effectiveness and efficiencies
  • Linkages from overall business goals and performance down to operational realities
  • Improved accountability, visibility, and financial results in each link of the supply chain
  • Tracking and measurement of the savings provided by current and future projects
  • Ability to tie the impact of operational changes to the financial success of the business
  • A focus for the Strategy and Operational planning process on measurable financial results and customer service
  • An understanding of how performance in each area impacts the rest of the supply chain.

How PQM Can Help:

PQM Performance Measurement offering provides solutions to guide and measure the effectiveness of your organisation.

PQM helps its clients to develop metrics that drive the organisation towards its goals.

By measuring and communicating the progress towards goals the organisation develops a better understanding of which areas require increased focus in order to achieve goals.

PQM works with its clients to implement Performance Measurement solutions:

  • Management dashboards
  • Multi level Key Performance Indicators (KPI's).

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Note: This web page is not intended to provide comprehensive coverage of the subject, merely a brief introduction to provoke thought and to lead to a more in depth understanding and application of the topic, either through further reading - or from me as your management consultant, executive trainer or personal coach in a consultancy project, training course, workshop or seminar.

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