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Excellence Through People (ETP)

"The Excellence Through People (ETP) Scheme 1000:2012 is a business improvement tool designed to further businesses performance through its people."


Excellence Through People (ETP) 1000:2012 helps business's improve by:

  • Putting the right Human Resource systems in place to maximise employee contribution
  • Aligning people practices with the goals of your business
  • Maximising the investment in Human Resource Management

There are two main objectives to the ETP Scheme:

  1. To act as a business improvement tool as well as being a driver for change and innovation.
  2. To promote employee learning, development and involvement in line with the business's goals.

Excellence Through People (ETP) Scheme comprises of six (6) core sections.

The six (6) core sections of ETP Scheme are:

  1. Business Planning & Continuous Improvement
  2. Effective Communication & People Engagement
  3. Leadership & People Management
  4. Planning of Learning & Development
  5. Evaluation of Learning & Development
  6. Human Resource Systems & Employee Wellbeing

The Benefits:

  • Improves financial performance, increases profitability and helps businesses achieve their strategic mission.
  • Assists businesses who are undergoing significant and rapid change particularly in the current recessionary times.
  • Studies have shown that the adoption by organisations of ETP are more likely to achieve business goals and meet their strategic objectives.
  • Excellence Through People embeds a strong change culture and provides a useful framework for businesses undergoing significant and rapid change.
  • Using the ETP framework businesses believe that increased productivity can be achieved.
  • Adoption of ETP helps raise employee skill levels.
  • Provides a framework for continuous improvement and employee engagement.
  • Improves staff retention and recruitment.
  • Structured approach to improve the effectiveness of:
    • Communications
    • Learning and Development
    • Leadership and People Management
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Business Planning.

How PQM Can Help?

  • Power Quality Management Limited (PQM) has a proven track record of assisting organisations achieve Excellence Through People by:
    • Analysis of current position of organisation versus the Excellence Through People Scheme at each level.
    • Design appropriate initiatives for areas requiring improvement to enable successful implementation.

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Note: This web page is not intended to provide comprehensive coverage of the subject, merely a brief introduction to provoke thought and to lead to a more in depth understanding and application of the topic, either through further reading - or from me as your management consultant, executive trainer or personal coach in a consultancy project, training course, workshop or seminar.

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