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EFQM Excellence Model

"Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude."
- Ralph Marston

"If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude."
- Colin Powell


Every organisation aspires to Business Excellence. The main framework for supporting an approach to Business Excellence is the EFQM Excellence Model ™ which was established by European Foundation for Quality Management in 1991 and promoted in Ireland by EIQA (Excellence Ireland Quality Association).

The EFQM Excellence Model is a non prescriptive management framework.

The EFQM Excellence Model consists of three integral components:

  1. The fundamental concepts of Excellence - The underlying principles of achieving sustainable excellence

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  2. The EFQM Excellence Model - The framework that allows the fundamental concepts and the RADAR logic to be converted into practice:

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  3. The RADAR Logic - A dynamic assessment framework and management tool that gives a structured approach to assessing how your organisation is performing:

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  4. The Benefits:

    • Receive external feedback from an experienced team of practicing managers.
    • Receive written feedback on strengths and areas for improvements for your organisation.
    • Helps to focus improvement activity within your organisation.
    • Serves as an input for your business planning.
    • Receive a distinctive and prestigious international recognition.
    • Opportunity to benchmark against other organisations using the same framework, including role model organisations.
    • Gain practical experience and learn from preparing for the assessment.

    How PQM Can Help?

    Power Quality Management Limited (PQM) has worked with a number of clients in both the public and private sectors, providing consultancy help at all stages in the development and implementation of their Business Excellence Strategy.

    The help we have provided includes:

    • Working with senior management teams to formulate an overall business excellence strategy
    • Developing a business excellence "road map"
    • Supporting self-assessment processes
    • Providing awareness training and briefing
    • Facilitating assessment workshops and action planning sessions
    • Helping clients in the development of award submission documents
    • Supporting clients for award assessment by providing document assessments and feedback
    • Preparing clients for award site visits by preparing and carrying out preparatory visits and giving feedback
    • Reviewing the effectiveness of the business excellence strategy.

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    Note: This web page is not intended to provide comprehensive coverage of the subject, merely a brief introduction to provoke thought and to lead to a more in depth understanding and application of the topic, either through further reading - or from me as your management consultant, executive trainer or personal coach in a consultancy project, training course, workshop or seminar.

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