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Environmental Management System ISO 14001: 2004


An Environmental Management System meeting the requirements of ISO 14001: 2004 is a management tool enabling an organisation of any size or type to:

  • Identify and control Environmental Impact of its activities, products or services
  • Improve its environmental performance
  • Implement a systematic approach to setting objects and targets.

ISO 14001: 2004 does not specify levels of environmental performance (ISO 14031 Environmental Performance Evaluation). ISO 14001: 2004 gives the generic requirements for an Environmental Management System.

The Benefits:

The systematic ISO 14001: 2004 approach requires the organisation to take an in-depth look at all areas where its activities have an environmental impact.

Developing and implementing environment Management System to ISO 14001: 2004 Standard will benefit organisation by:

  • Providing your organisation with assurance that you meet, and will continue to meet, your environmental management system commitments and organisation policy requirements.
  • Providing potentially fewer surveillance visits from regulatory agencies.
  • Showing your business partners, regulatory agencies, and community that you are environmentally responsible.
  • Increasing competitiveness.
  • Increasing profits through potential process improvements and energy conservation.
  • Reducing your environmental liability.
  • Verifying your systems for recognising and complying with environmental laws and regulations.
  • Streamlining operations - organisations often realise monetary savings as a result of greater operational efficiency and energy conservation, and reduction in use of hazardous materials and generation of hazardous wastes.
  • Increased awareness and participation - organisations benefit from better communication about environmental issues inside and outside the organisation. ISO 14001 gives people an avenue to raise environmental issues and makes it clear that environmental performance is an important part of the organisations culture.

How PQM Can Help?

Power Quality Management Limited (PQM) has considerable knowledge and experience of assisting organisations, both private and public sector, understand and fully exploit the benefits of developing an Environmental Management System to meet the requirements of ISO 14001: 2004.

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Note: This web page is not intended to provide comprehensive coverage of the subject, merely a brief introduction to provoke thought and to lead to a more in depth understanding and application of the topic, either through further reading - or from me as your management consultant, executive trainer or personal coach in a consultancy project, training course, workshop or seminar.

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